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    Under fire with Canada

    Wild dogs howl warnings at night outside the Bulldog pen.

    The Canadian soldiers answer loudly back come morning moving swiftly from this dusty Afghanistan forward operating base and into an area where insurgents don want them to be.

    By the end of the day operation, the Canadians along with an embedded QMI Agency team will come under small arms fire. But only after the Quebec based Van Doos have successfully taken away then later destroyed a cache of bulgari rings men fake materials that were likely to be made into deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

    The fighters from the 1st Battalion of the Royal 22e R and more specifically, Bravo Company, who have earned the hard earned war mantle of Bulldog Company will soon leave this earthen fortress for good.

    Just like the Soviets, who actually built it decades ago.

    An approaching end to Canada combat role hasn seen our troops give an inch to insurgents, who often bark and sometimes try to take a bite when patrols roll out through the front gates.

    Today co ordinated operation is among the last before the Canadians hand over the area to America impressively named Creature Company.

    The insurgents will be happy to see the Canadians finally leave.

    Today, the fighters of Bulldog Company move across a section of the district using a road the Canadians helped pave, despite attacks on it and the locals who helped haul in all the gravel.

    Exiting an armoured vehicle, Maj. Andre Girard directs his Van Doos across fields of picked poppies and just ready green grapes.

    They be looking for weapons and making their strength known, he explained earlier replica bulgari rings men over a map. To get from one point to the next on that chart, the Canadians will attempt to counter every clever trick insurgents can think of to hide their IEDs under innocent footsteps.

    A local father motions to his children to ignore the Canadians and get back to work on the fields.

    Noisy chopper gunners like mother birds fret over the combat troops in great arching circles.

    Down on the ground, each Canadian follows the path of the one before.

    They headed into a nearby village.

    With a small, peaceful stream and shady trees and high mud walls, it would be quaint for visitors if it didn likely house people bent on killing all outsiders.

    Within a few short hours, the Canadians uncover a good amount of bomb components, including propane cylinders and a large silver mortar round.

    The people are co operative, but the Canadians have learned to be wary. Smiles and open doors can lead into trickery and death.

    But that not the case here, assures resident Abdul Jalil. He says he dealt with the Canadians often and has no time for the insurgents.

    come here in a few days, asking (about the Canadians), he predicts. tell them bvlgari pave diamond ring fake you searched and then you left. don need to wait three days to get that news.

    Or deliver their own message.

    Just beyond a sprawling dust dry graveyard at the edge of town, the Van Doos with QMI Agency among them get ready to detonate the bomb makings they carried out.

    Suddenly, a short burst of gunfire comes from the direction of the village.

    A lull in the choppers overhead has emboldened at least one armed bvlgari ring women fake insurgent to try to shoot the Canadians in their backs.

    The Canadians quickly move for better cover tracking the enemy and protecting their lives beside lush rows of green grapes and aromatic marijuana plants that grow as wild as weeds.

    But the shooter has no stomach for a lasting fight today.

    They fire and flee, likely either back in among the villagers or onto a motorbike after tossing their gun into the bushes.

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