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High Jewelry

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  1. janet668

    Fine jewelry often reflects the highest standards of human artisan craft, high Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet absolutely fascinating degree less than haute couture fashion. Exquisite design aesthetic, plus jewelry top jewelry craftsmen hand-polished, high-quality jewelry charm more apparent.
    The new series of fine jewelry hortensia hydrangea
    The series is inspired by the beloved Empress Josephine - hydrangea, the petals abstract geometric pattern in red, pink, blue, white four-color gradient into the design, round or elongated petals breeds changes, every nuance endless colorful hydrangeas create a profile, eternal and immortal love between Hang tiny spherical petals wanton circulation, overflowing with blooming flowers indulge a different kind of fragrance.
    tiffany blue book luxury jewelry line
    The series interpretation of the fashion metropolis - New York City nightlife colorful modern scene. Integration of a large number of master craftsmen using precious stones, has vividly demonstrated the full range of legendary jazz era, pure brilliant white diamond and colored stones against the background of more silky smooth with lines extraordinary mosaic. New York diamond necklace and earrings Deco skyscraper rendering grand stately buildings. Lorain Qinxin tsavorites dazzling, sparkling gorgeous charm and enduring charm in every detail of the Tiffany jewelry to attain.
    l'odyssée de series of fine jewelry
    The series in the form of a new interpretation of Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet original advocates spirituality, superb superb way to inject into gems, thereby creating a free and open birth, passionate aesthetics. African designers to accurately capture the charm, design a set of jewelry sunlight and shade: half-moon pouring layers of obsidian as a wave of red and gold cabochon fall in the bottom of the crystal. Brightly colored stones set in fresh cycle repeated geometry, forming nested layers of rings, like the sun shining on the African continent in general shine.
    As a whole convex circular gold necklace center surrounded by a circle of red hair crystal gold among the ashes, 21.13 kt orange pincushion cut tourmaline akin suspended in the air in general. There is no detent or bottom bracket, only presented in an elegant design excellence at the background, filling material and form a balanced, beautiful, bright.
    Central a 33.42 kt brown tourmaline main stone and white k gold bottom bracket separation, eye-catching stands in the top layers of the domed prop pieces. Prop pieces on both sides of paved brilliant cut diamonds, dark obsidian edge inlay.
    diva senior jewelry series
    The series inspired by the classic movie "Cleopatra" in elizabeth taylor modeling. Its rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in white gold and rose gold playing attractive geometric patterns, upward century the world's most shining star tribute to the fifties and sixties, they indisputably known as the "sweet life" golden era since the shock the world of beauty and charisma personified. diva series uses the most rare and precious colored stones, highlighting the Bulgari brand features from Rome, Italy, blooming people cannot resist the seductive charm.
    Fine jewelry Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale
    This pattern is like a fan, but the fan is from ancient civilization since been a very popular summer accessories. Fan used in China can be traced back to the 2nd century BC, and in the palaces of ancient Egypt, the huge fan also used in a grand ceremony.

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