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Legendary woman with her jewels

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  1. janet668

    "A woman's earring can reflect her soul.” It's in the second act of the Opera Ariane heroine most colorful part of the aria. Yes, Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet earrings in a woman's life, always plays a role of luxuriant.
    Grace Kelly
    In 1956, when she married with King Rainier of Monaco, for origin bride of civilians to achieve "video recording to the Queen" transformation, Mount Rainier at money in the order of several sets of luxury and expensive jewelry. Grace the most favored is a pair of Pink Pearl and diamond Platinum earrings, she had visited United States and Coronation anniversaries and other important occasion. Grace also is a fan of Mikimoto; she once sought as husband to visit Japan, himself purchasing pearls.
    Princess Diana
    Victorian wedding would wear Princess Diana earrings are of her mother's Spencer family heirlooms, drill with hundreds of roses and two 3-Carat PEAR-cut diamonds and Platinum meticulously carved into intricate flower shapes. Beginning of the wedding, Prince Charles still has love for his wife at that time at their own expense for the wife ordered a set of emerald earrings, joyful jewel box next to Princess Diana wrote: "c (Charles initials) gave my 22 birthday gift. ”
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Once in order to ask Elizabeth Taylor's favor, and her second husband presented her with a pair of inlaid with two total 20.64 CT Colombia pear-shaped Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet emerald earrings, and a pair of more than 50 Carat yellow and colorless diamond earrings. Taylor's favorite husband Burton also presented her with a set from the Russian Royal family, Vladimir Catholic jewelry sets, which makes her the huge emerald earrings worn most often in the late.
    Gina Lollobrigida
    Italy held on 125 anniversary celebrations, we met this Lady still shiny, the former Italy Miss, once the movie sexy superstar. Her most famous collection, including a pair of studded with pear-shaped and Marquise shape diamond Emerald flower spike shapes earrings, while a pair of inlaid natural drop-shaped pearls and diamond earrings in Platinum, look more like Taylor a few collections with complex. However, Gina likes earrings in tones often more deep than Taylor, for example, her set with turquoise and diamond Flower Earrings, had a strong India customs.
    Jacqueline Kennedy
    Early marriage, to Jacqueline John Kennedy France ancestry tribute presented her with a pair of drop-shaped ring-shaped diamond earrings as an engagement present. Jacqueline I most cherished pair of Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale, it is my second husband shipping tycoon Onassis as a wedding gift: a diamond flower leaf-shaped earrings and matching removable oval Ruby pendant. She lovingly refer to this set of earrings as "my Ruby", and from 40 to 60 years.

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